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Brief History

Weigh On offers over 30 years of worldwide business experience, particularly in the shopping center/retail vending services industry.

Retail weight scale solutions were originally designed and offered to the public in the mid 1850’s,as they provided a valuable health tool to customers without access to such information. At Weigh On, some 150 years later, we are offering the very latest in weight & BMI (Body Mass Index) technology to customers through our range of Heath Check Stations, we trust this information forms part of your lifestyle approach.


  • No cost installation
  • Trial Periods Arranged
  • % Income share (Metered for financial transparancy)
  • Complete Service Package
  • Regular Machine Inspections
  • Cash Clearance
  • Complete cleaning
  • Service Recalibrations
  • Regular machine rotations
  • Annual Test & Tag
  • Product/Public Liability Insurance Cover $20m pa
  • Contractual Arrangements Prepared
  • Professional Admiminstration including Accounts & Client
    Relationship Meetings

Medical Health facts

  • Maintaining a healthy weight is about keeping a balance in your life
  • Your BMI (Body Mass Index) accurately indicates your total body fat
  • The amount of fat you carry indicates your risk to a variety of diseases
  • The more you weigh the more likely you are suffer from conditions such as:
  • Heart Disease
  • High Blood Pressure
  • Diabetes
  • Gallblader Disease
  • Sleep Apnea
  • And other certain Cancers
  • A healthy weight has many benefits, most importantly it lowers your risk to
    developing the above diseases
  • Monitoring your weight via our Health Check Stations assists with a healthy
    lifestyle and wellness approach


Weigh On’s Health Check Stations offer
customers commercial accuracy of their weight
& BMI (Body Mass Index).
Our range of machines are:

  • Fibreglass & steel framing
  • Medical white in colour for a clean presentation
  • Bespoke designs can be created
  • Customised circuit boards for accuracy of data
  • Micro coin SP coin mechanism
  • Wifi Connectivity for machine monitoring
  • Stainless steel weighing platform


There are two types of machine specifciations available:
We have a larger model available (pictured right).
Standard BMI – Weight Health Check Station
Height: 120cm x Depth: 65cm x Width: 40cm

We also have a compact model available:

Compact BMI – Weigh Health Check Station
Height: 115cm x Depth: 50cm x Width: 31.5cm


To Report Service Faults:
Tel: 1300 934 446 (1300 Weigh On)
Email: service@weighon.com.au
Accounts Department:
Email: accounts@weighon.com.au
Head Office Post:
PO Box 36 Canterbury Vic 3126
Chief Executive Officer – Tim Kerr
Email: tim@weighon.com.au

New Location or Sales Inquiry:

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